Caleb Davenport

Debugging Apple Frameworks

I really enjoy digging through the private implementation details of the frameworks that ship on iOS and macOS. There is a lot of fun stuff to mess with, sometimes just for fun, other times to work around a bug or figure out why something doesn’t work the way I expect.

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You Should Write a Post

People tell me this a lot. I tell other people this a lot. People should write more about cool things they are doing. Like every programmer before me, I first had to make a place where I could post things. So here it is. I’m going to write more, and you should too.

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I stumbled across a little gem today called UIKeyCommand. UIKeyCommand lets any UIResponder handle keyboard shortcuts that perform actions in your app. I used it to perform actions in a handful of view controllers. This is awesome for moving through an app quickly in development and is a big win for users as well.

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